Why I Colour My Hair

If any of you haven’t noticed, my hair is bright green. And my side is missing.

The Little Landeg

I’ve been experimenting with my hair colour on and off since I left school, all the way back in 2012. Although I had to take a break from experimentation due to regulations in a previous job (which were completely unfair and never adhered to for anyone else except me), I’m back and embracing the funky colours once again. Name the colour and my hair has probably been it in some form or another.

There’s always one question I get asked every single time someone sees my hair without fail…Why Do You Colour Your Hair?

So, if anyone wants to know for future reference you will now be directed to read this blog post. I’m considering getting business cards with this post on to hand out.

I’ve got quite a few reasons why I put all these crazy chemicals on my mop and some of them may surprise you.

#1. It’s how I choose to express myself.

Holly Stockport The Little Landeg

Over the course of my life, I’ve been to afraid to stand out from the crowd due to years of severe bullying from all walks. My hair obsession started out with me wanting to dye my hair bright red since I was about 9. It’s my favourite colour and I dreamt about it all the time. And let me tell you when I finally got to do it, it felt so good. Whenever I change my hair colour back to a natural one, I always feel a part of me is missing. I don’t feel like myself with my natural hair colour; slap on some bleach and a funky colour and I’ll be right at home.

#2. It helps my mental health.

I’ve been suffering with Generalised Anxiety Disorder from a very young age and was officially diagnosed when I was 18. Having any form of anxiety means that for years I struggled worrying about what people would think of me. I couldn’t walk in the street without being terrified that someone was staring, talking or even laughing at me. Having my hair a bright colour has really helped to calm my nerves; when I see people doing any one of those things previously mentioned I know it’s because I’ve got bright green hair. And it becomes much easier for me to brush off.

#3. Life’s too short not to

La Riche Directions Apple Green Hair Dye on Holly Stockport

In typical young person fashion, life is far too short to not have funky coloured hair. I want to be able to look back on my twenties as a time where I developed my style, my confidence and did it with every single colour of the rainbow imaginable. People don’t like that I colour my hair and I’ve been actively stopped from doing it for a few months but it’s my hair on my head and I will do what I please with it. If it’s not your hair, it’s not your business; plain and simple.

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