My Band T-Shirt Collection

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself adding a lot of band t-shirts to my wardrobe. But they’re not the kind of band t-shirts you’d expect to see from an almost 25 year old…

My music taste can be described in two words; diverse & alternative. I grew up listening to my parents’ CD’s on car journeys and around the home with their favourite bands eventually becoming mine too. But I also would listen to what was popular in the charts and if I liked the sound enough, it would go onto my beloved iPod (which still works to this day when it’s plugged in constantly to a power bank). This is why people get very confused when they scroll through my music collection and can go from Lady Gaga to Placebo to Elbow all the way back to Katy Perry.

Going to concerts and seeing my favourite bands is something I really enjoy doing as it gives me a chance to see people I admire in the flesh and hear their music in a live setting. As a result of this, I’ve picked up several band t-shirts which I love to wear, so I thought I’d show them off.

The Little Landeg modelling her Massive Attack tees

I’ll start with the three that I have from my absolute favourites: Massive Attack. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that this trip-hop band from Bristol are my favourite musicians and have been since I was at least 14. I’ve seen them three times with the most recent concert being their Mezzanine XXI gig at Filton Airfield. The ones I have at the moment are the tee from their 2016 tour (I saw them twice that year which was a wild time), one of their standard tees and the Mezzanine 1997 Tour T-Shirt (with full dates of that album tour on the back). I practically live in these t-shirts wherever I am.

The Little Landeg modelling The Bluetones Peacock T-Shirt

Next we move on to The Bluetones – a firm family favourite band if there ever was one with my family. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them perform live and the lead singer Mark Morriss is basically a family friend now (fun fact: I did a 10 minute documentary on him for my university course which was absolutely terrible and will probably never see the light of day). I used to have a black t-shirt that my mum gave me but I grew out of it, so now I have this one which I think compliments my hair colour quite nicely.

The Little Landeg modelling the Turin Brakes Invisible Storm T-Shirt

Here we have my Turin Brakes tee: another band that soundtracked my late teenage years. Their music always puts me in a good mood even when they’re singing about the darkest topics. I got this Invisible Storm t-shirt when I saw them last year a few days before my birthday and it makes me want to go and get more t-shirts from them.

The Little Landeg modelling the Alabama 3 T-Shirt

Finally, we’ve got my Alabama 3 tee which I got back in December. If you’ve ever watched The Sopranos, they’re the band who sing the opening theme. Seeing this band for the first time was an absolute ride and the Reverend D Wayne Love told me he loved my hair (which I hadn’t long shaved and dyed at the time) which was an absolute delight. I love the vivid colours of this t-shirt and just how psychedelic and out there it is. It definitely turns heads when I wear it out.

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