About Me

Welcome to my humble abode…feel free to take a look around.

Holly Stockport pulling a face

My name’s Holly and this is my personal blog! I’m a 25 year old E-Commerce Co-ordinator by day and a green-haired blogging, youtubing, author extraordinare by…well, day too.

The Little Landeg is a blog I started in 2019 to have a space to share my thoughts and feelings online through the power of words after previously having a blog under my online name Holly Stockport. Here you can follow my ramblings in this little corner of the internet about my life and the world around me.

The name for my blog comes from my mother’s maiden name and the fact that I am a very short lady (measuring at 5″ and a half last time I checked). The unicorn features on the Landeg coat of arms so it made perfect sense for me to feature it in my logo.

If you’re a brand and are looking to collaborate with me, head over to my Contact page for details on how to reach out.